Other Species

There are many other creatures that live in the world and do sometimes show up on Lath. However, they are extremely rare, so they get thrown together here. The different creatures vary greatly in type, appearance, and abilities.

Dracony: Once common throughout Lath, this unique group of sub dragons are now largely believed to be extinct. The handful of remaining species have been greatly reduced in size and made into pets mostly on the mainland. They were hunted down because of their less then social nature and tendency to eat humans.

Dragons: The most notable of the shape shifters are the dragons. Dragons rarely go as far south as Lath, but on the few occasions that they do, they tend to stay in human form. Most dragons do not like to be noticed if they can help it. People tend to have strange ideas about dragons being man eaters even though most dragons eat mostly plant material. Like most beast species, dragons can only breed with other dragons. Despite rumors to the contrary, dragons are mammals that lay eggs. Three of the six types have fur (whites, blacks, and reds), while only one has scales (browns).

Sub Dragons: Believed to be related to dragons, sub dragons are furless, warm blooded, lizard like species. Most believe that sub dragons are other types of dragons that can not breed with the "true" dragons. Unlike dragons, sub dragons do not nurse their young, though they do care for them much the same way birds raise their young.

Fey: There are many types of fey, but Lath has no native fey. A few fey, mainly faeries and pixies, have been brought to Lath either in circus sideshows and as traveling companions. Fey are rare everywhere in the world and extremely rare on Lath.

Griffons and Mini Griffons: Normal sized griffons are as large as a horse while mini griffons are about the size of a large dog. Griffons are largely banned from Lath due to their unpredictable nature, but mini griffs are kept as pets by many of the upper class. Appearance varies from just miniaturized griffons with a lion tail to fancy, parrot colored griffs with pheasant tails. Though sentient and capable of speaking, griffs are all regarded as animals.

Winged Lemur/Cat Creatures: No one knows just what they are, though they seem to resemble lemurs with wings and more feline like back legs. They have recently started appearing all over, though none can seem to remember where they came from and all insist they are something else.

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