Monsters and Daemons

Monsters and Daemons are one of the more rare species on all of Aliydea. They live separate from other species and rarely make an appearance in the human realms unless they are summoned. This rarity is probably the main reason that most people say monsters and daemons are evil creatures.

Appearance: The physical forms of monsters and daemons varies considerably. They come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from small and cute, to large and fearsome. Some of the more powerful ones even look like humans, elves, or other sentient species.

Daemons are considered lesser monsters since they do not have as much power as monsters. They have lesser magical abilities, much like a mage, and often resemble animals. A few species of daemons can change shape. Some don't even have physical forms and instead posses other creatures, feeding on the soul of their host. Most can not communicate with spoken language. People that are able to summon often use daemons since they are relatively easy to control. Their main weakness is magic. Normal attacks/weapons do not harm them and they are able to easily heal themselves. Magic that is not their own, however, causes them a great deal of pain. Daemons have distinctive black blood and cutting them is the easiest way to distinguish them from other animals.

Like daemons, a monster's appearance can vary. Lower ranking monsters have a set form, much like daemons. Higher ranks, however, can change their shape and resemble other beings. This is because higher ranking monsters are pure energy/magic and do not have a real physical form. They do not feed like other creatures. They rely on the energy, magic, or soul of other beings to feed them. This can make them very dangerous when they are injured. When injured, a monster will drain the life from another living creature to sustain itself. Few people summon monsters due to their chaotic nature and power. Monsters don't bleed and can only be hurt by powerful magic. Unlike daemons and most other creatures, monsters reproduce asexually. When they wish to have another minion/servant, they simply split off a piece of their power and make another being.

Culture: Many people think of monsters and daemons as being creatures of evil and darkness, but this is not true at all. They are self centered and interested in preserving themselves above all else, but in no way are the evil by nature. Basically, if it will save or benefit them, they will abandon an ally. However, they will also save or protect someone if they see a benefit in it. This does not make them evil, just not good by any stretch of the imagination.

Life Span: Unknown. No one really knows how long a daemon or monster can live naturally. Most meet their end at the hands of mortals or each other.

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