Meet the Cast

Name: Lutanny Rioko, aka Luta
Age: 15 Species: human
Family: Leanna (younger sister), Lyla (older sister)

Born in the Rioko province, she was forced to leave at the age of 10 and has been living on the streets ever since. She takes any work she can in order to support her younger sister, Leanna. This is often hard due to many people thinking she is a young boy instead of a 15 year old girl. Though often cold and distant, Luta can be very kind and friendly to those she cares about. Her main goal in life is to live a simple, peaceful life with lots of good food and few people to bother/threaten her and her sister.

Likes: birds, her sister, good food, her sword
Dislikes:most people, cities, temples, being called a boy or child
First Appearance: Page 1

Name: Leanna
Age: 13 Species: human
Family: Luta (older sister), Lyla (older sister)

Also born in the Rioko province, Leanna was the "good" child since she was not a trouble maker like Luta. When Luta was banished, Leanna followed her for unknown reasons. She is very attached to her sister and follows her everywhere without complaint. Many see Leanna as a ditz due to her bubbly personality and carefree nature. No one is sure exactly what Leanna wants in life besides shiny objects.

Likes: shiny objects, furry animals, children, shiny objects, Luta, food, shiny objects
Dislikes: Luta leaving her, people yelling or attacking her
First Appearance: Page 3

Name: Bryoak Merse
Age: unknown Species: wood elf
Family: unknown, but he's adopted

Bryoak is a traveling mercenary. After learning that he and Luta were going to the same place for the same sword fighting contest, he made a deal with them to help each get work and survive better on the roads. Little more is known about him at this point, except that he likes women and a good drink.

Likes: reading, women, a good wine or beer, having a good time
Dislikes: being ignored or people thinking he is stupid
First Appearance: Page 76

Name: Emma
Age: unknown Species: unknown, claims to be a dragon
Family: Unknown

Though firm in her belief that she is a red dragon, Emma has no idea how she ended up the way she is now. All she really remembers is running up Leanna's dress to escape some dog creatures. Emma is intelligent but obviously still quite young. When she is told something, she tends to take it at face value with complete trust in the truth of the words. Deception is not something she is very familiar with. She has no real goals in life as of yet, but intends on staying with Luta and company for as long as she can.

Likes: food, Leanna, playing, most people
Dislikes: being called a cat/kitty, getting into trouble, the dogs
First Appearance: Page 49

Name: Mae
Age: unknown Species: unknown, claims to be a dragon
Family: unknown

Like Emma, Mae has no memories of what happened to him before he was chased up a tree by the dogs, nor does it bother him too much. After being alone for 10 days, he ended up with Luta and company and has decided he must protect them. Though small, this little fire starter is quite tough. He'll take on anyone bigger then him without any hesitation. Usually he wins, which is good considering he has a rather over dramatic hero complex and insists on saving anyone he can. Aside from being a hero, he doesn't really want to accomplish much yet.

Likes: being a hero, taking care of others, food, warm places
Dislikes: cowards, the dogs, being called a cat/kitty
First Appearance: Page 154

Name: Rika
Age: 12 Species: wood elf
Family: mother who is deceased

Rika grew up on the streets in Zeeah, despite wood elves being forbidden to live there. For unknown reasons, he was left behind when the other wood elves left. He has now been taken in by Luta and company because he "owes Luta money". Rika has a bit of a reputation for being a trouble maker since he likes to pull pranks on people.

Likes: food, practical jokes
Dislikes: being hugged, girls cooties
First Appearance: Page 348

Name: unknown
Age: unknown Species: unknown
Family: Unknown

Little is known about this character except that it is following Luta and company and has an interest in Leanna.

First Appearance: Page 35

Name: the dogs
Age: unknown Species: unknown, but seem to be demons
Family: unknown

Not much is known about them except that they are after Mae and Emma and are working for someone that wants Emma, Mae, and several other winged lemurs dead.

First Appearance: Page 44