Anarie and Beastmen

The Anarie are a wide spread, very diverse group of beastmen. They are spread out over most of the world and everywhere they go, they are known for being friendly and curious. Most of their languages have been adopted as common languages used in schools, markets, and negotiations. All anarie seem to be born curious. They have an innate need to explore and see how something works. This curiosity has led to them becoming very ingenious with technology. While much of the world, particularly Lath, are still largely dependent on magic, the anarie are quickly working to change that. They are constantly inventing new technologies everywhere they go.

Beastmen is a general classification used to describe any creature that walks upright on two legs but is typically very animal like. Some beastmen species look very human while others look distinctly not human. Like humans, elves, and their close relatives, beastmen are usually only able to breed with other creatures in the beastmen family. However, it is very rare to find a beastmen that can have children with a non beastmen species.

Appearance: Like humans and elves, the anarie come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. What really sets them apart is their animal ears, eyes, noses, and tails. Some even have fur on their hands and feet, much like an animal. The animal side they have is inherited from their parents. Bird anarie even have wings on their arms and limited flight capabilities. All anarie have excellent senses inherited from their animal sides.

Culture: Curiosity and ingenuity are the two most praised qualities in anarie society. This also makes education an important part of their society. This, however, is not always in traditional education. Though they do have some value for reading and writing, most anarie education focuses on math and building or trading. Most families expect their children to either become merchants or inventors. About half do.

The most unique trait about the anarie is that they are not able to breed with any other species. They can only have children with other anarie. For this reason, most anarie do not approve of any anarie marrying someone that is not an anarie and will sometimes actively work to put an end to any marriage with a non anarie.

Other traditions vary from group to group, place to place. Many anarie adopt local practices/traditions where they live.

Life Span: Anarie tend to live 60 years for males and 72 years for females. Beastmen life expectancies vary from species to species with some living as little as 20-30 years and as long as 200 years.

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